Our Company

Our Company

With over 12 years of tour operation experience, Hidden Valley Safaris has become a well experienced tour operator in this region and like most small businesses had a fine reputation for personalized service. Today, we are rated as one of the leading tour operators in Tanzania, receiving thousands of visitors a year but our motivation is exactly the same to treat all visitors as our personal guests. 

We provide visitors with an insider’s view of the beauty of this amazing continent with the last great stretches of untamed wilderness that still remains untouched.

This wonderful land is without doubt a wonder to behold where the Maasai co-exist with the wild animals, the highest mountain in Africa – Mount Kilimanjaro and the white sands beaches.

We offer great safaris, mountain climbing, mobile camping, cultural discovery, family adventure, or idyllic beach getaways.

We can also custom design your time in Africa to suit your unique desires.


Our Team

Charity Masuu

(General Manager) With her tourism background she continues to shine. She loves to learn and discover wildlife and share her knowledge and enthusiasm with her guests.

Alex Mabada

(Operations Manager) he looks after some of our top tour operator accounts - as he has done from 1989 - but also has a watchful eye on the general running of things in our daily schedule.

Farida Mohammed

She's been in tourism industry for 15 years as a safari planner. Her favorite part is the achievement she feels when she succeeds in finalizing a trip that perfectly matches her guest’s needs.

Angel Ayo

(Reservationist) Smart and a very quick learner, she looks after all airline, hotel & lodges bookings and we rather wish we could clone her! Always on time and delivers effectively and in time.

Our Guides


(License No: 464/03)Senior Guide, he has been a guide for 20 years now, has attended several cause on HAS. He has lead most challenging climb and all were successful.

Happygod Kamasho

(License no: KG 0036) One of our very senior guides, he has been a guide since 1996 very knowledgeable and professional.He loves the small things on the mountains, as well as the large.

Safiel Hemed

(License No: KG 0748/Y-06) He has served 14 years as a Guide. Safiel with his team for past 8 years as our guide has recorded 100% success rate to all clients that he has lead.

Nelson Ulomi

License No: 196/Y-014/17 We are proud of Nelson he has been at the summit 271 trips.He is then learned the ins and outs of caring for guests in remote places.

Gideon Daniel

(License KG 0713/Y-06 ) Gideon is one of our many success stories, he started as an assistant guide and he gradually worked his way up to the tricky role of a mountain guide.Guest enjoy his guiding skills.

David Sindimu

He is very calm and most our guests describes him as a professional and exceeds expectation.. Guest who have travelled with him highly recommend him.

Nicolas Eliapenda

Going on safari with Nicolas is always a real privilege, not least of which because of his sense of humour, sparkling with and storytelling ability. He is 110% passionate about the bush and utterly committed.

Benson Gillard

He is now at the top of his safari profession as a walking guide. He was very clear where his passion lay – guiding families on safaris is a priority to him and we are very proud of him.

Moses Swai

He is been guiding for the last 7 years and there is nothing that he doesn't know about the bush and everything in it. He knows northern Tanzania like the back of his hand and doesn't miss a thing.

Message from the Managing Director


From our very first foot step in the tourism industry, Hidden Valley Safaris realized that there exists a need for competent and reliable safari company. Our aim was to contribute to this incredible industry and play a vital role in its development.

Since the establishment of Hidden Valley Safaris, the tourism and destination management sector has witnessed enhanced efficiency and positive results. We do not believe in resting ourselves with the business going good. Hidden Valley Safaris continues to improve its efficiency to facilitate the continued development of the fast growing tourism industry. Our dedicated teams of travel professionals are keen to offer the best available services for the benefit of all our current and prospective business partners.

With seamless effort and unmatched services catering to specific client requirements, Hidden Valley Safaris has attained a notable position in the industry. We are proud of our achievements which would not have been feasible without the sheer determination and dedication of our team; the staff of Hidden Valley Safaris. Our goal is to uphold the quality and efficiency of the service we provide and to strengthen the bonds with our existing partners and form new alliances.

On behalf of the Hidden Valley Safaris Management and staff, I wish to reiterate our commitment to elevating the regional tourism industry to exceed the set international standards. I would also like to thank our business partners, suppliers and tourism partners for their sincere efforts, sustained association and their trust in us.

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