Mafia Island

Mafia Island

Big Game Fishing & Diving

Only 40 minutes south of Dar es Salaam, is one of the most exiting big game fishing and diving locations in the world.

The virtually unfinished waters of the island, abound with a rich variety of fish of tremendous size and weight, many of them being great fighters. Catches include marlin, sailfish, shark, tunny, king-fish, barracuda, rock cod, dolphin, horse mackerel, wahoo five fingered jack and fimbo. The main fishing season is from September to March, although fishing is possible all year round, inside the reef and channel.




Kinasi Island Lodge

This intimate and lovely resort, situated in an old cashew and coconut plantation, provides a luxury stay amidst stylish décor and magnificent natural surroundings of the protected marine park. 

We have stamped Kinasi with a personality, ambience and originality that ensure guests know that Kinasi is much loved by its owners. 

And this extends to the service that we offer you, a personalized caring and happy blend of African hospitality with the unique touch of "Island Life.


Ras Mbisi Lodge

We believe in offering our guests ‘barefoot luxury’: a retreat that is effortless, stunning and relaxed.

We combine good food, striking accommodation and outstanding natural beauty in this untouched part of Mafia Island, to give you a taste of an informal, but luxurious, piece of paradise.


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  • Snorkeling


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