Kilimanjaro Guides

Kilimanjaro Guides

Ensuring safety on Kilimanjaro means trekking with the best guides who are experts in monitoring your health and in recognizing symptoms of altitude sickness in the early stages.

Hidden Valleys Safaris’ Kilimanjaro and safari guides are licensed and medically trained. Their experience and knowledge of Kilimanjaro and the National Parks is unparalleled with hundreds of summit ascents and extensive training in evacuation procedures under their belts. They are leaders with impeccable judgment and natural ability to instill confidence. Hidden Valley Safaris also offers the Flying Doctors services for extreme cases.

Dedicated exclusively to Hidden Valley Safaris, our guides are committed to helping you successfully reach the summit of Africa’s Uhuru peak and have a memorable experience visiting the National Parks.

In addition to the high level of training our guides possess, Hidden Valley Safaris is partnered with Amref’s Flying Doctors to provide medical evacuation services. Our guides are trained to call if the situation calls for it and in only 1 hour and 25 minutes, a helicopter is landed on the mountain for the evacuation.

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