Travel Information

Travel Information

These Tanzania travel tips will help you plan your trip to Tanzania.

Citizens of the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, and most countries in the EU, need a tourist visa to enter Tanzania. Application details and forms can be found on Tanzanian Embassy web sites. US citizens can apply here. Tanzanian embassies issue single ($50) and double ($100) entry visas (handy if you’re planning to cross over to Kenya or Malawi for a few days). They do not issue visas for more than two entries. Visit our site for current information as it might change accordingly.

Tanzanian tourist visas are valid for 6 months from the date of issue. So while planning ahead for visas is a good thing, make sure the visa is still valid for the length of time you plan to travel in Tanzania. You can obtain a visa at all airports in Tanzania as well as at the border crossings, but it is advised to get a visa beforehand. In order to get a visa you have to have proof that you plan to leave Tanzania within 3 months of your arrival. Please contact your local Tanzania Embassy for the latest information.

Health and Immunizations


No immunizations are required by law to enter Tanzania if you are travelling directly from Europe or the US. If you are travelling from a country where Yellow Fever is present you will need to prove you have had the inoculation.


Malaria is another common disease in tropical climate countries but it affects much in Africa and Tanzania as well. We recommend seeing your doctor for advice prior visiting these areas.

Basic Safety Rules for Travelers to Tanzania

Don’t walk on your own at night in the major cities or on empty beaches.
Don’t carry too much cash with you.
Wear a money belt that fits under your clothes.
Don’t carry a lot of camera equipment especially in the major cities.

Currency and Money Matters

The Tanzanian unit of currency is the Tanzanian Shilling (TSh). Bills range from 1 shilling to 10,000 shillings. The exchange rates fluctuate, the latest rates can be found in yahoo search engine.

Exchanging Money

The easiest foreign currency to exchange in Tanzania is the US dollar, in either cash or traveler cheque form. While you get better rates at banks and foreign exchange bureaus for the larger bills, keeping a stack of small bills is handy for tips. Most of the high-end hotels and wildlife parks accept US dollars but it can sometimes be a bit cheaper if you pay fees and accommodation in Tanzanian shillings. ATM’s can be found in all the major cities. Major credit cards are only accepted at the more expensive restaurants and hotels.

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