Mahale National Park

Mahale National Park

The Mahale Mountains National Park is in the far west of Tanzania, on the shores of Lake Tanganyika. Named after the Mahale Mountains range that runs through it, it is one of the only places left in the world where you can see chimpanzees in the wild and spend time with a small group - the M Group - who are semi-habituated. It is believed that Stanley uttered his immortal greeting “Dr Livingstone, I presume”, only 128 kms (80 miles) north of this area.

In the 1,613 square kms of the Mahale Mountains, there are still no roads and all you will find are forest paths and tracks made by animals over the years. This, and the fact that the only practical way of reaching camp is by boat, add to the sense of seclusion here. Flying in over the northern end of the mountains, you'll see nothing for many many miles and only small villages and local fishermen in dhows dotted along the lake shore.

The park is home to some of the Africa's last remaining wild chimpanzees; a population of roughly 800 (some 60 individual forming the ‘‘M group'') habituated to human visitors by Japanese researchers from Kyoto University in the 1960s. Mahale's mountain ridge is around 50 km in length and runs across the park from the northwest to the southeast. Its tallest peak, Mt Nkungwe at 2462m, is the highest point on Lake Tanganyika's shoreline. The mountains of the Congo, on the opposite side of the lake, can sometimes be seen – some 60kms away –
usually during the green season when the air is clear.




Kungwe Beach

Set deep in the heart of the African interior on a stretch of secluded golden beach, Kungwe Beach Lodge is the perfect blend of comfort and luxury in a romantic setting.

With the chain of wild, jungle-draped Mountians rising high up behind, the lodge is ideally positioned along the beach under the tropical shade of the Mahale forest with breathtaking views over the crystal clear waters of Lake Tanganyika.

The raised thatched mess, built in the shape of a Dhouw boat, is where most meals are served and also offers a cozy lounge area, with a small selection of books and board games for lazy afternoons.


Greystoke Mahale 

Greystoke Mahale is the iconic original camp in Tanzania's remote west, where you can see chimpanzees in the wild, enjoy boat trips, fishing and relaxing e.t.c 


  • Chimp Tracking
  • Snorkeling & kayaking
  • Forest Hike


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