Tsavo National Park

Tsavo National Park

One of Kenya's oldest and largest National Parks, covering approximately 40 per cent of the total area of all Kenya's National Parks. It is accredited as one of the world's leading biodiversity strongholds, with bushy grassland and open plains alternate with semi-arid acacia scrub and woodlands. Green swathes cross the park where river banks give rise to lush vegetation. North of Galana is a true wilderness. 

Bushy grassland and open plains alternate with savannah and semi-arid acacia scrub and woodlands and recommended for photographers with its magnificent landscapes. 

The Yatta plateau is the world's largest lava flow. Game include : elephant, rhino, lion, leopard, crocodile, waterbuck, kudu, gerenuk and zebra. It is a home to some of the largest herds of elephants in Kenya. 500 bird species are recorded including ostrich and some migratory kestrels and buzzards stop at Tsavo-East during their long flight south.

Chyulu Hills National Park is an extenstion of Tsavo West National Park. It is a collection of ancient volcanic cinder cones and craters, with the most recent volcanic peak formed only 500 years ago and offers breathtaking views of the landscape including Mount Kilimanjaro.

Within Chyulu Hills National Park is the longest lava tube in the world, this was formed by hot lava flowing beneath a cooled outer crust. Caves on the side of the volcano can be explored. Animals commonly seen here are buffalo, bushbuck, eland, elephant, leopard, warthog, wildebeest and zebra. The western half of the park is part of the West Chyulu Game Conservation area, owned by several Maasai groups.
Chyulu Hills has no permanent water supply but rainfall permeates the porus rock forming an underground river, which provides fresh water sources in the surrounding plains, most notably Mzima Springs as well as the Tsavo and Galana Rivers.



Finch Hattons

Denys Finch Hatton was a legendary British aristocrat who travelled to Kenya in 1911 and fell under the spell of the African wild.

His fascination with the wildlife turned him into a renowned photographer, dedicated conservationist and host, introducing both business tycoons and British Royalty to his world of Luxury Safari.



Ashnil Aruba

Ashnil Aruba Lodge lies in the heart of Tsavo East National Park in Kenya. Its location is superb, just a couple of hours from the coast of Mombasa, 5 hours leisurely drive from Nairobi.

And is located on the banks of Aruba Dam which was built in 1952 as a sport fishing recreational point in the park. Several watering holes nearby attract wildlife and spotting animals is easy because the park lies flat with savannah grassland.


  • Big 5
  • Mudanda Rock
  • Yatta Plateau and Lugard Falls


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