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At the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro outside the entrance to Kilimanjaro National Park lies the beautiful town of Marangu. Here, locals have planned various walking tours through valleys and numerous waterfalls depicting mountain village life. Visitors can conveniently commence a half day, or full day walking tours. Come enjoy the beautiful scenery of Kilimanjaro in the background without bearing freezing cold temperatures.

The People of Tengeru Village offer:

Tours through Marangu offers panoramic sights ideal for photography. Mountain climbing enthusiasts will be delighted to visit the home and memorial of the late Yohano Lawro, a local who accompanied Dr. Hans Meyer on the first recorded climb of Kilimanjaro in 1889. Read the original log books of Mr. Lawro, who lived for an incredible 115 years! Documented evidence will awe visitors who will learn about the astounding feats of this person who guided treks up the mountain at the age of 70 years!

Walking tours through Marangu, offer equally breathtaking scenery as its sister city as it also offers walks through numerous waterfalls including the beautiful Kinukamori, Moongo and Mteshani Falls. One can also learn more about the Chaga culture by visiting a traditional Chaga house made of straw roofing.

You can walk through the Chief Mangi area where the first court and primary school of the northern region are still functioning. At Kilema Roman Catholic mission, you can see the first coffee tree planted in Tanzania by an Irish missionary 100 years ago. Kilimanjaro area is now one of the leading coffee producers in the country. Alight climb up Ngangu hill with it’s fantastic view is a pleasure. On clear days the snow of Kibo Peak is so close, the plains so wide and the Pare Mountains to grab.

All the sites can be visited, on foot, in one full day tour or can be spread over two days. From the Makundi Blacksmith area to Kilema transport can be organized to cover the distance. Depending on the visitors’ condition, a convenient waterfall will be visited. A custom made tour can be arranged to satisfy your preference if you wish to focus on certain aspects.

Development Project

Development fees from each tour will go towards the Village Education Project. This project strives to improve primary schools in the Kilimanjaro district. Through your tourism participation, you will help improve the quality of education in the Kilimanjaro area. The development fee is separate from the guide and co-ordination fee. Donations are welcome.

End Of Year Deals

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